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Dangerous Cheese Sandwiches and ACEO sales.

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 16, 2011, 9:01 AM

I was eating a cheese sandwich yesterday and thoroughly enjoying it, when I began to chew on something quite hard and well..bony.  Now about a year ago I ate a pizza and spat out what looked like a small piece of bone which put me off pizzas for at least a few months after, so I was on high alert and immediately spat out whatever it was rolling around my mouth - it looked like a small piece of bone!  I cannot stress how fast I dived to the bathroom. I started retching when my tongue happened upon a space where part of my tooth used to be...I'd broken my bloody tooth on a CHEESE SANDWICH!!

To be fair, this tooth was filled when I was a child and was about 95% filling so it was due for expiry, but of course I'm now left with half a tooth in the back of my mouth and I will be making an appointment with my dentist tomorrow.  I cannot wait to see the look on his face:

'Where you in a fight?'
Me: 'nope'
'fall over, get hit with a iron bar?'
Me: 'nope'
'How did it happen then?'
'It was destroyed by a crusty farmhouse loaf.'
Dentist nods sagely. 'If it wasn't for farmhouse loaves I would have retired long ago.'

I wouldn't mind so much, but my dentist was only telling me about a month ago that my teeth were in great condition.  Someone is going to be red in the face when I get my appointment (it will probably be me as he starts the drill).

***I have a January sale going on my ACEO's, which are starting at 99p each.  So if you want to take a look at what's available, check out my ebay: ***

  • Mood: Alarmed

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iluminatilol Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Excellent work man! I love the joker and harley paints
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:) I like your work a lot! How long did it take you to practice to draw like that? 
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I love your art style. Reminds me of old 50s movie posters
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I love that you paint pop-comic art AND classic movie art. THAS AWESOME
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